I am a Professional Project Manager who has managed projects of various sizes in many industries for over 25 years. My primary purpose with this site was to present a course in project management that is intended for people who have an interest in how projects are managed and who may want to continue in a career in Project Management. This is a course that may be delivered in an Academy, Junior College, or University with appropriate sizing.

I have begun substitute teaching at local High Schools and I think there is an opportunity for an introductory course in Engineering, something to a few areas that are common to most engineering endeavors and to expose the students to the broad array of Engineering Sub-disciplines. My recent experience in the schools suggests that there is more interest in Engineering than Project Management even though project management would be of benefit to a larger spectrum of students.

It is a work in progress and comments and suggestions are appreciated

In addition to the course I have include the articles and papers that I have written and presented. These are also fair game for discussion.


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