Beginning Project Management

I’ve been interested for some time to find a way to share some of the knowledge and experience from a long career of managing projects. California State University, San Bernardino has a great program to entice Seniors into teaching. The program involves taking a series of education classes that are needed to get a teaching credential. I’ve completed the first two classes of the series and the following are a product of these classes.

The objective was to develop a marketable course that I could teach, so I chose to develop a course in project management. The target audience for the course was an Academy. Academies are career focused schools, high school level and perhaps adults. As I got into the development, I realized that the course could be scalable from Academies to University level, and even broken into seminars that would aid prospective teacher with content that would allow them to embed certain project management concepts into their coursed and meet California Standards.

This is a work in progress. The Rationale and Course Plan for the course, “Beginning Project Management” are provided below as well as a Mini Overview. I’m working on the lesson plans. The actual lessons will be an adaptation of material that I use to teach project management when I worked for Hewlett Packard.

I have published a booklet to support teaching this course that is available on Amazon, Beginning Project Management.

Rationale – Beginning Project Management

Course Plan – Beginning Project Management

Mini Overview – Beginning Project Management

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